URL:  www.trueanomaly.space

True Anomaly, Inc. (TA) was founded to deliver next-generation space capabilities to the United States, its Allies, and commercial industry. Space systems are essential to modern commerce and our way of life, but they are vulnerable to attack. The existing industrial base is not well-poised to develop defensive capabilities at scale and on-time. The founders and employees of TA conducted over a decade of foundational research in space intelligence and defensive & offensive counterspace doctrine & technology. These insights have been adopted as standards within the United States Space Force (USSF) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) for system development and operator training. TA combines this experience and domain expertise with experienced engineering talent.

TA uses contemporary digital engineering and manufacturing practices to rapidly take new capabilities from design into orbital flight operations. TA’s design and production technology enables rigorous and rapid updates while reducing cost and delivery time. TA offers cloud-native software products to model, propagate, and translate space observations into actionable information through a modern graphical user interface.