URL:  www.spacestandards.org

Founded in 2004, SIF is a US non-profit based in Colorado with Members of the Technical Staff in multiple locations. The purposes of SIF are to advocate and contribute to the development of open technical space standards for the betterment of humanity. See SIF purposes on the SIF website for full information on our purposes as approved by the IRS.

Consistent with our purposes SIF participates in open space standards development in several standards development organizations, including but not limited to ISO, CCSDS, the AIAA and ASTM.

SIF wants to join the new CONFERS organization to continue the standards development work DARPA started.  CONFERS creates a unique opportunity to forward the needs of a space business community (OOS) within the multiple space standards communities. This activity is of great benefit to the space industry as a whole, andto accelerate benefits to humanity overall.