URL: https://www.dlr.de/en/

The German Space Agency undertakes statutory tasks in the space sector on behalf of the German Federal Government.  Under the “Raumfahrtaufgabenubertragunsgesetz” and within the scope of the tasks effectively assigned to us, we implement the strategy of the Federal Government, develop and manage the national space programme, and represent the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in space-related international bodies in accordance with the tasks assigned to us.  We advise the Federal Government and develop initiatives and strategic approaches for space policy.  All of our activities are based on the guidelines laid down by the Federal Government in its space strategy.

With our missions and projects, we strengthen Germany’s scientific excellence and expand the technological expertise and global competitiveness of German industry.  Promoting the commercialization of space technologies, the innovation potential of German SME’s and technology transfer are essential tasks of our industrial policy mandate.  Space technologies and applications are intended to benefit people on Earth and improve the quality of life in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

Our space missions make a significant contribution to solving global and societal challenges.  Examples include providing information on climate change and climate protection, the further development of digitalization and communications technologies, and contributions to national security.

We make the results of our missions and projects publicly available.  We inform the public about new scientific findings and promote awareness of the relevance of space for everyday life.  Last but not least, we strive to spark interest and enthusiasm among young people for the natural sciences in general and space in particular.