Industry News Digest

February 2, 2024:  American Astronautical Society’s 2023 Year-End Letter (AAS)

January 28, 2024:   FCC’s New Rules for ISAM May Influence How the Nascent Technology Develops (Via Satellite)

January 19, 2024:  Office of Space Commerce Initiates TraCSS Pathfinder Projects (NOAA OSC)

January 16, 2024:  Space startup funding jumps in fourth quarter in a positive sign for 2024 (Reuters)

January 9, 2024:  UN Space Tsar Urges Push to Reduce Junk (The Financial Times)

December 20, 2023:  Fact Sheet:  Strengthening U.S. International Space Partnerships (The White House)

November 15, 2023: A White House proposal released Wednesday would split regulatory authority for novel space activities between two departments (SpaceNews FirstUp)

November 3, 2023:  RFI:  NOAA’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs (CRSRA) seeks industry on concepts and ideas for future remote sensing licensing system

November 3, 2023:  Space Junk is Out of Control.  Here’s Why and What to Do About It (The Washington Post, Editorial Board)

November 2, 2023:  House Introduces H.R. 6131 – The Commercial Space Act of 2023 (Press Office, U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology)

November 1, 2023:  Cantwell, Hickenlooper Bill to Clean Up Space Junk Passes Senate Unanimously (Press Office, U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation)

October 16, 2023:  NOAA scientists link exotic metal particles in the upper atmosphere to rockets, satellites (Press Office, NOAA)

October 4, 2023:  It’s Up to Governments to Declutter Space (The Financial Times)

September 27, 2023:  Space Needs a Sustainable Insurance Industry (The Financial Times)

September 13, 2023:  A New Plan for Space to be Treated Like Other Infrastructure (Payload)