Jeremy Schiel

Jeremy Schiel Photo

Jeremy Schiel

Cofounder/ CMO, Orbit Fab, Inc.

Jeremy Schiel, co-founder, and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Fab is a leading entrepreneur in the nascent space economy. As a forward-thinking international business professional, Mr. Schiel draws on significant business development experience from tier one automotive manufacturing as well as several years of experience in helping space startups acquire customers such as Deep Space Industries and Brand Delta-V.

Mr. Schiel is working to push the boundaries of the final frontier and contribute to the growth of the industry through his dedication to several non-profit projects such as being an advocate for the Space Frontier Foundation, and a program director for the Center for Space Commerce and Finance. Jeremy holds a BBA in International Business and Management from the Eastern Michigan University School of Business. He also founded his university’s International Business Alumni Chapter to connect former students across the globe.

Jeremy is looking forward to leading CONFERS as Treasurer working to develop sustainable standards and best practices for rendezvous proximity operations and satellite servicing.

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