David Barnhart

David Barnhart

CEO and Co-Founder, Arkisys, Inc.

David Barnhart is currently CEO and Co-Founder of Arkisys, Inc., and holds a Research Professor Appointment in the Department of Astronautical Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC), and Co-Founder of the USC Space Engineering Research Center.

At Arkisys, Dave is leading a team to break through to true commercial operations in space with a unique scaleable business and services platform.

At USC David specialized in developing innovative technologies and architectures for 2nd generation space morphologies, rendezvous and proximity operations technologies/techniques, and hands-on projects with students, faculty and staff through an “engineering teaching hospital” construct. Also while at USC, David and his students were part of the startup effort for CONFERS, formed from his early work at DARPA.

In the past David has served as a senior space Project Manager at DARPA, pioneering cellular spacecraft morphologies, satbotics, space robotics and low cost high volume manufacturing on the Phoenix and SeeMe projects.  He represented the first DARPA space project at the United Nations COPUOS in Vienna, Austria addressing new technology pushing the need for updates to space regulations and policy issues for next generation missions.

David’s past entrepreneurial ventures helped initiate two commercial space companies; co-founding and serving as Vice President and CFO for Millennium Space Systems in Los Angeles CA (now a Boeing Company subsidiary); and was the youngest elected member of a three-person international Executive Management board for a German startup in Bremen – Vanguard Space, one of the first companies working commercial spacecraft servicing.  David has a Bachelors from Boston University and Master of Engineering from Virginia Tech, both in Aerospace and Ocean engineering.  He has published over 75 research papers and articles and speaks on 2ndgeneration space technologies nationally and internationally.

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