Executive Committee and Board of Directors

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors are the CONFERS leadership and governance bodies authorized to oversee the activities of the association and to exercise all the powers and authority in managing the business and other affairs of the association. The Executive Committee and Board’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Approval of new members;
  • Removal of members that do not maintain member in Good Standing status;
  • Formation and management of other standing or temporary association committees, subcommittees and task forces as needed; and
  • Dispute resolution between individual members, between members and the Board relating to matters arising under CONFERS by-laws connecting with other association business.
Chris Blackerby Photo

Chris Blackerby-PresidentAstroscale

Jon Beam-Vice PresidentRogue Space Systems Corporation

Joerg Kreisel Photo

Joerg Kreisel-SecretaryiBOSS

Joe Anderson Photo

Joseph Anderson-TreasurerSpaceLogistics

Eric Brown-DirectorLockheed Martin

Vanessa Clark-DirectorAtomos Space

Adam Harris-DirectorOrbit Fab

Tim Maclay-DirectorClearSpace