An industry-led initiative that identifies and leverages best practices from government and industry for rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO), on-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) operations, and in-space assembly, servicing, and manufacturing (ISAM).
A multi-stakeholder process that brings together experts from industry, academia, government and the international community to create a foundation for a new commercial repertoire of space-based capabilities
Non-binding, consensus-derived technical and operational standards for RPO, OOS and ISAM.

Through collaboration with its world-wide membership of industry and government space experts and stakeholders, CONFERS benefits the global satellite servicing industry (which includes, but is not limited to maintenance, repair, assembly, manufacturing, and inspection within the space domain extending from low-earth orbit to cislunar and beyond) by building common understanding between developers, operators, customers, investors, insurers, and government policy makers while protecting commercial participants’ financial and strategic interests.  The standards are broad enough to allow individual companies to pursue their own implementations of these standards to suit their individual businesses, while assuring that the implementations adhere to best practices for operational safety.

Episode 126 of The Space Policy Show – Standards and Services in Space – Taped on Location at CONFERS 6th Annual GSSF

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